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The Best Windows Based on Your Lafayette Home’s Style

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You’ve decided to upgrade your home’s outdated windows, but where to start? With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed—especially since windows make or break the aesthetics of your home. We’ll dive into five common styles for Lafayette, Louisiana homes and the best window styles to match.

Popular Residential Styles in Lafayette, Louisiana

As with most styles, a home’s exterior features distinguish its architectural and historical roots. Some homes fuse two styles together, especially in Louisiana where French, Spanish, African and Cajun influences can be found. While this isn’t an all-encompassing list of home styles in Lafayette, you can find evidence of these five styles in architectural elements and small details.

Acadian or Cajun-Style Homes

Most Acadian homes are typically one level and have a steep roof pitch, often incorporating steep gabled roofs and dormer windows for an elegant profile. With brick or stone exteriors, Acadian homes are easily maintained and adaptable to the warm, humid climate in Louisiana. You’ll likely see remnants of French-inspired elements on these homes, such as French doors and shutters. Consider installing a mix of sliding or double-hung windows in your Acadian home for a finished look with little upkeep. These match well with the practical elegance these homes embody.

Cozy Bungalows

house after

A Lafayette bungalow is likely to have a low pitch with wide, overhanging eaves. With a single-level living space, bungalows keep cool in Louisiana’s warm, subtropical climate. Wide, multi-pane windows bring in plenty of natural light and keep a bungalow home feeling open and airy. If you’re looking for an invigorating breeze or additional sunlight, strategically placed awning windows—in key areas like your kitchen or bathroom—will help elevate a bungalow’s look.

Contemporary Modern Homes

mid century modern home with replacement windows

Clean lines, large windows and neutral color palettes give contemporary homes their modernized look. Some homes require a tailored approach for exterior renovations, like custom replacement windows in geometric shapes or innovative placements. Large custom windows can also give your home plenty of natural light as well as unique curb appeal. Get creative with your window design to give your contemporary home an artisanal, one-of-a-kind feature.

Need inspiration? Explore our Window Style Finder to find the perfect window style for your contemporary home!

French Colonial Homes

French colonial homes are influenced by the architectural traditions of early French settlers who arrived in the region in the mid-18th century. With this style of home, you’ll find a central entrance with an even arrangement of windows on either side, accompanied by French doors and a steep, hipped roof. If you’d like a traditional look, explore double-hung windows with colonial grille styles for your next window upgrade. These windows will beautifully highlight the old-fashioned appeal of your home.

Ranch-Style Homes

Front Elevation with blue sky - House 40

Ranch homes are known for their single-story design, open floor plans and emphasis on horizontal lines. Many ranch-style homes have a porch or patio and manicured landscape, making outdoor living a blast for your friends and family. Get picturesque views and plenty of sunlight with a bay and bow window in your living room or dining area. These windows add an architectural element that adds visual interest to your home as well as plenty of natural light. Plus, they can be as modern or as traditional as you prefer, matching the transitional nature of ranch homes.

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