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Color Palettes to Match Your Window World Windows

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Renovating your home can involve a full refresh, inside and out. It’s exciting to pull together different elements to make your home a space well-suited to your own style, but what if you’re unsure of how you’d like your home to look? Use inspiration from your Window World window colors to pull together a beautiful color palette you’ll love! Let’s look over some classic color possibilities based on our long-lasting windows. 

Match Your Style with Our Windows

Your style is totally unique, but when inspiration is hard to come by, a little help never hurts. Our color palettes handpicked to match our window colors could be just the kickstart you need to design your dream home.

white window color with palette

White Windows

Our white windows are clean and classic, making them a very popular choice for homeowners. White is versatile and forgiving, so it works well with many color schemes. However, for a trendier look, you could match it with comforting pastels like cozy fawn, light coral and a soft cream. Shades of white provide the perfect backdrop for light pops of color to shine without any one color overpowering the senses.

Black Windows

Black windows have always been popular for fans of modern style, but the resurgence of farmhouse style in the last decade has brought them to new light. Regardless of which style you prefer, a simple, dramatic palette of black, white and light gray suits both. 

black window with color palette
beige window witth color palette

Beige Windows

Beige is an underrated color, providing balance to other colors around it. Unassuming beige shines as part of an earth-toned palette with moss green, a light gray-green and dark brown. It’s a cozy color that adds a little warmth to your home.

Classic Clay Windows

Looking for something a little different that doesn’t rock the boat too much? Classic Clay is a gray-brown that flatters many home styles, making it a good choice if you want a color that can work with whatever you throw at it. With Classic Clay, we’d recommend a dramatic, rich dark green. Green is in fashion right now, and it’s a lovely classic combination with shades of light or dark brown.

clay windows with color palette
light oak window with color palette

Light Oak Woodgrain Windows

Our light oak is a cheerful woodgrain well-suited for traditionalists who cherish a homey, lived-in style. It pairs well with warm, airy neutrals like white, cream and taupe, which will allow the oak color to pop. This works especially well when paired with other heavy wood furniture—the contrast adds visual interest.

Dark Oak Woodgrain Windows

Dark oak is a cooler-toned woodgrain, meaning it looks incredible paired with other dramatically dark colors. We’d pair it with navy blue, a medium and light gray, and caramel brown. This is a versatile color scheme, so it could do well with traditional, contemporary or even midcentury modern styles. 

dark oak with color palette
foxwood window with color palette

Foxwood Woodgrain Windows

This vibrant red-toned wood has a smoother woodgrain texture which brings a more modern look than you’d expect from a wood texture. Pair bright white, tan and dark, rich peacock blue together for a powerhouse combination that looks great in coastal or contemporary styles.

Cherry Woodgrain Windows

The more traditional red-toned wood option, cherry is a classic wood color that’s still got plenty of life in it. It serves as an incredible, vibrant contrast against slate blue, charcoal gray and a light, airy blue-gray. The warm and cool tones play well off each other in a surprising moment of visual harmony. 

cherry window with color palette

Style Inspiration & Amazing Service at Window World of Lafayette

Ready to make your next style decision? Our energy-efficient replacement windows come in plenty of color and grid pattern options, so styling your home for maximum curb appeal and uniquely-you style is well within reach. Plus, with our seamless installation process, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on interior color schemes and making your dream home a reality. Get in touch for your free estimate request today!