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Casement Windows

  • Maximize glass space for beautiful views
  • Grooved glass design creates a custom look
  • Multi-point locking system adds safety
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Enjoy The Outdoors With Casement Windows

With casement windows from Window World of Lafayette, noise, dirt, and drafts will stay outside. Only the best parts of the outdoors, like beautiful natural light, will shine into your Louisiana home. Thanks to the expanded views from our large glass panels, your rooms will open up to the beautiful southern landscape.

Additional Benefits

  • Low-profile, state-of-the-art locks offer peace of mind
  • Corrosion resistant coating by E-Gard®
  • Grooved glass panels mirror high dollar custom work
  • Vent screen frame adds worry-free ventilation
  • Backed by our Lifetime Warranty

Casement Window Gallery

Casement Window FAQs

  1. Are casement windows energy efficient?
    1. Yes. Window World’s casement windows use an insulated glass unit with optimal air space to improve energy saving performance.
  2. When to use casement windows?
    1. Casement windows, which open like a door (instead of sliding up and down like a normal window) are great for any area of the home, such as a kitchen or bedroom. Casement Windows should not be used where their movement could be obstructed by exterior objects such as bushes.
  3. How do casement windows open?
    1. Window World casement windows are operated using our state-of-the-art Truth Maxim® hardware and a low-profile, single-handle positive locking system provides ease of use.

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