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How to Submit a Warranty Claim for Your Window World Windows

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Window World is known for a few things: quality replacement products at affordable prices and our best-in-industry warranty. We believe in our products so much that we protect them for life. Yep, for life!

Here’s everything you need to know about our lifetime warranty and how to submit a claim.

What is Window World’s Warranty?

Window World’s warranty offers lifetime coverage on all windows and patio doors. The warranty covers normal wear and tear, insulated glass units, mechanical parts, and accidental glass breakage. That means that if, over the course of your window lifespan, the insulated glass breaks accidentally, mechanical parts break down, or the vinyl components crack or peel, we’ll replace or repair those parts free of charge.

The warranty is also transferable, which means that in the event that you sell your home, the new owners will enjoy the same coverage you did. This can be a selling point for many buyers!

It’s important to know that Window World’s warranty does not cover caulking, condensation, things that could be considered an “act of God” such as storm or flood damage.

How to Submit a Window World Warranty Claim

To submit a warranty claim, you’ll need your product’s serial numbers. The video below will show you where to find the serial number on double-hung windows, and you can visit our Virtual Help Center to learn exactly where you can find the serial number on other models.

Once you have your serial numbers, you’ll simply submit the warranty claim form online.

Complete Your Warranty Claim Form

Window World of Lafayette is Here to Help

If you’re in the market for replacement products for your home, or you’re a current Window World customer with warranty questions, our team is ready. Give us a call at (800) GET-WINDOWS and we’ll be happy to help!