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Home Improvement

The Best Tips For Organizing Your Home

2 min read

Is your home in need of a refresh? Sometimes, the best way to make a lived-in space feel new is to reorganize it. Not only will this spruce up your home visually, but a clean, decluttered house can also improve your productivity and focus within it. We know that organizing an entire house can be daunting, but with these tips, you can sharpen your organizing skills in no time. Read on! 

Tips To Help You Get Started

  1. Start with a system that makes sense to you and is easy to maintain. Simple organization methods include sorting items into cabinets or labeling containers with stickers and markers. However you decide to organize, prioritize your system’s ease in order to ensure upkeep.
  2. Try categorizing your items. Those that come in clear sets, like utensils or pens and pencils, can be easily grouped; other items may require your own grouping parameters, such as color, size or use. 
  3. Save space by stacking and shelving items where appropriate, and use wall space to store items where possible. Vertical storage options like over-the-door storage, and other space-saving tools like drawer dividers, can also be employed to help you maximize storage capacity while maintaining a clutter-free look. 
  4. Organize your closet seasonally. By separating your winter clothes from your summer clothes, you create more space in your closet. With more space, you’re less likely to end up with wrinkled clothing, as each piece has room to hang freely. You can also utilize closet dividers and install hanging shelving units for folded items, like jeans and sweaters. 

Now that you’re prepared with an organization system, let’s talk about the rooms in your house and how best to keep them neat and tidy. 

Common Areas to Organize

The Living Room  

Your living room is likely one of the spaces you spend the most time in. It’s also usually the first place that family and friends view when entering your home, so let the room set the tone for the rest of the house. Organize the room’s layout to create a clear entry and exit path. Install shelving for books, blankets and decor items that add dimension to your living room without cluttering it. 

The Kitchen 

Utility is the name of the game in your kitchen. The items in your kitchen should have a practical purpose, so remove things that aren’t used for cooking or food storage. Organize kitchen items by their use—plates and bowls in one cabinet, utensils or baking items in drawers. While drawers have ready-made compartments to separate utensils, some cabinets don’t have those built in. Don’t just throw the kitchen tools into your cabinets—take advantage of your racks, hooks, or stackable bottles/containers.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a restful retreat, so prioritize keeping it organized, open and airy. This means decluttering the space around your bedroom windows to allow as much light in as possible. For our homeowners who prefer more daylight exposure and love arranging their plants or knick knacks on their windowsills, we recommend our bay and bow windows for increased natural lighting and display/storage space.

The Storage Room

Catalog miscellaneous items like food, cleaning supplies, mechanical items, medical supplies and more in your storage room. If you’re not using items on a daily basis, put them into sealed containers or boxes. Some storage rooms come with windows that might affect the freshness of stored foods or medicines, or the conditions of mechanical objects. Make sure your storage room windows are properly sealed and designed to maintain optimal room temperatures. 

Stay Organized and In Control of Your Home

Taking control of your clutter can bring a new sense of comfort and style to your home. Now that you’ve refreshed your home’s interior, you may be interested in an exterior upgrade, too! Unsure where to start? Schedule a free in-home estimate so we can find the best replacement products for you.