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Replacement Windows

What Goes into Your Windows?

2 min read

If your home has older windows in need of replacement, you’re probably well-acquainted with what elements you wouldn’t like in a window due to personal experience! Single-paned windows that don’t provide adequate thermal protection from the hot or cool air outside your home with inappropriate materials for framing aren’t made to bring the utmost in comfort and convenience to your home. 

But our high-quality windows are. We’ll break down each element of our windows so you can gain a better understanding of why we take pride in our product, and so you can see how much care and attention goes into every piece of your windows. 


Vinyl framing ensures not only a quality product, but a durable one. This material doesn’t chip or peel over time like wood or other framing materials, making it an ideal choice for long-term use. Our frames are also constructed with an intricate structure of internal chambers to trap and keep the weather well out of your home. As a last touch, exterior sills slope to encourage water drainage, preventing it from seeping inside your home. 


We make use of Low-E glass in all our window styles. Low-E glass minimizes the amount of UV that penetrates through your window panes, keeping temperatures at a comfortable even keel inside your home no matter the season. Low-E glass works well in both summer and winter by preventing the reflective rays of the summer sun from causing higher heat temperatures inside your home, but not preventing sunlight from getting in entirely. 

Energy-Efficient Elements

Insulation is important not just for your walls, but as part of your home’s windows. With insulation in place, your windows can help shield your home from nature’s more harmful effects – and provide additional savings to your monthly energy bills. With our windows’ Intercept™ Warm-Edge Spacers, your windows are sealed around the exterior edges of the frame. This helps prevent heat loss and deters moisture from forming into condensation on your panes. 

Between the two panes of glass in our windows is argon gas. This serves as another insulating element, which could mean increased savings on your monthly utility costs. This gas is known for its low thermal conductivity, making it an ideal choice for keeping the cold or heat out and decreasing the amount of work your heating and cooling units need to do every year. 

Thoughtful Window Construction Matters

A significant amount of detail and planning goes into every aspect of our windows, and such thoughtful engineering can benefit your home. From thermal protection to helping decrease your monthly utility bills, windows may matter more than you’d think in determining how comfortable your home is! 

Researching what goes into your windows is important for maintaining a well-built home, but just as important is determining what sort of window is a good fit. Wondering what kind of window could work best for your home? We offer many different styles of windows for you to choose from to complement your home and personal style. Check out our Window Style Finder to get started, and then contact our team for a free estimate for window replacements!