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Why American-Made Products Are Best for Your Home

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When buying for your home projects, do you search out “Made in America” on products? Whether you buy American products out of a sense of patriotism or you want to support local businesses, you’re buying products that benefit from the US’s strong labor and manufacturing laws. Those practices are why Window World proudly makes all our products right here in America. Learn more about why buying exterior home renovation materials with that “Made in America” seal matters. 

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

A “Made in the USA” seal, according to the FTC, means all or virtually all of the product was manufactured and assembled in America. Only textile, wool and fur goods are required to have this seal. Any other products that use the seal are showing their pride for selling locally-made products. Since many customers are interested in buying locally, it’s good business sense to show that “Made in the USA” seal. 

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Does “Made in the USA” Mean Better Quality?

With a “Made in the USA” seal, you can usually trust that the product you’re buying is good quality. America has strict labor and manufacturing laws and health and safety standards in place that mean locally-made products are reliably high-quality, which isn’t a guarantee with those produced internationally. The US also has an established history of manufacturing excellence, so whether you’re buying replacement windows or new siding, you can trust that American-made exterior products are well-made and will protect your home. 

Enhanced Customer Support and Warranties

Beyond product quality, companies that manufacture locally are also likely to have local customer support—and with excellent customer care often comes strong warranties. Window World’s limited lifetime warranty is industry-leading, setting the standard for what customers should expect. 

Advantages of Buying American-Made Products

Beyond the patriotism of going local for your home projects, there are several tangible benefits to choosing American-made products: 

Superior Quality and Durability

As mentioned, American-made products are subject to reliably stringent quality standards under our manufacturing and labor laws and health and safety standards. As a result, customers benefit from the high-quality products produced locally. These quality standards also mean your products are built to last, protecting your home for years to come. 

Supporting Local Economies

A fantastic side benefit of buying locally-made products is stimulating local economies. This means supporting fellow Americans with job stability and growth, meaning more people can put more money back into their communities. That one investment you make for your home tangibly helps other Americans, increasing tax revenue and growing local investments into communities nationwide.

Environmental Benefits

Buying American-made products helps the environment as well. Transportation with domestic products, for one, is much shorter, with a lesser impact on any given company’s carbon footprint. Buying a product made internationally will require much more logistics to arrive in America, burning fuel and releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. Even leaving aside transportation benefits, American companies are subject to local and federal environmental regulations that mean locally-made products are manufactured with cleaner, more eco-friendly standards. 

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How to Identify American-Made Products

When you’re shopping for your next home project, use the following criteria to ensure your products are made locally:

Go American-Made for Your Next Exterior Renovation

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