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Have a Stuck Window? Here’s How To Fix It

3 min read

Dealing with a stuck window is frustrating on its own, but it can also indicate bigger problems. When a window is stuck closed, it can make your home feel uncomfortable. When a window is stuck open, it can let in unwanted temperatures and other outdoor elements. In both cases, it can prevent locking and lead to larger issues. Read on to learn how to repair a stuck window.

Assessing the Problem

condensation on window

Whether you just moved into a new place and have discovered window trouble or have a window that’s suddenly stuck, you need to try to understand what’s causing it. Otherwise, attempted fixes may be in vain or even do more harm than good. One thing a lot of stuck windows have in common is window sash-related issues. A window sash is what keeps the glass in the frame and slides or lifts to open it.

A stuck window can be the result of:

Unsticking the Window

Once you examine the window and determine the most likely cause for it sticking, you can get started on fixing the issue. As with any type of work on windows, you’ll want to have safety gloves and glasses on in case something goes wrong, like glass breaking. Be patient and gentle as you work to ensure you don’t do more harm than good or put yourself in danger. It’s worth considering if you should replace your windows entirely, especially if they’re older. Some windows aren’t salvageable or even worth saving when replacement windows are so cost-friendly.

If you still think trying to unstick your window makes the most sense, here are the steps based on the cause.


Locating and removing any debris may be the only thing needed to get the window working again, though this may be easier said than done. Using WD-40 or another lubricant on the track can help make it easier to free any trapped debris.


Man painting white window frame

Use a utility knife or painter’s 5-in-1 tool to try to cut or dislodge any paint build-up, including any between the window sash and frame. If you need a little more oomph to remove stubborn paint, a hammer wrapped in cloth can help loosen the frame further when used very gently.


If moisture has warped your frame, the solution may be simple. Utilize a blow dryer to get hot air between the window and the frame for 5-10 minutes. Try to open the window, and repeat again as needed.

Shifting Home Foundation

This is potentially one of the easiest issues to fix. Lifting and pushing the window and the area around the lock to alleviate pressure may be enough to get it moving again.

Seeking Professional Help

While there are more intense steps you can take for jammed window repairs, we strongly advise seeking professional support in tough cases. A reputable window repair specialist can help ensure safe, quality results, but even they have their limits. If the window’s condition seems like it’s past the point of no return, it’s time for cost-efficient window replacements that complement your home’s style. Otherwise, you’ll likely spend time and money on a window that won’t perform well even after repairs.

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